Brix Blend

Red Wine
ALC 12.1% By Volume

brix blend

Welcome to Edwin Brix Vineyard. 2013 Brix Blend is the essence or our winery.

This unique red wine blend combines our home grown Marquette, Sabrevois and Frontenac varietals into a semi-sweet wine.

After maceration early in the fall of 2013, our first three varietals were aged for blending and bottling in stainless steel until ready. Produced slightly sweet, this wine is perfect for enjoying with a variety of foods, or with friends and good conversation.


Red Wine
ALC 12.7% By Volume


Triunity – three in one – can be a difficult concept to grasp.

Triunity is a very special wine from Edwin Brix Vineyard. For the past 3 years, we’ve held back a small quantity of our home grown Marquette, Sabrevois, and Frontenac wines, continuing to cellar the wine in French and American oak barrels until the time we felt it best for bottling.

In this bold, but mellow wine, you will sense blackberry, currant, and other overtones typically found in a high end dry red wines. Triunity is the perfect wine with steak or pork much like you would enjoy a fine Cabernet, Pinot Noir or Merlot wine.


ALC 12.9% By Volume


In 2010, we planted our first block of grapes at Edwin Brix Vineyard. Marquette is a cold hearty varietal developed by the University of Minnesota, and a distant relative of Pinot Noir.

Harvested in August 2012, this wine was produced first in stainless steel and then aged for 18 months in French and American oak barrels until it was ready for bottling.

This hearty red wine can be enjoyed much like you would Pinot Noir, Cabernet or Merlot wines, and pairs extremely well with beef and pork, or with friends and family over good conversation.

Little Sister

Dessert Wine
ALC 16.3% By Volume

little sister

My wife of 37 years, Chris is the glue that holds together the Sell family; an Interior Designer and a Master Gardener, she brings the “wow” factor to the buildings and grounds of Edwin Brix Vineyard.

Chris is the youngest of three daughters, and thus the name Little Sister for this sweet dessert wine. Like Chris, our inaugural dessert wine is very sweet.

Made from a blend of our Marquette, Sabrevois and Frontenac grapes, this limited production wine was aged in French and American oak for nearly two years, sweetened, and final filtered prior to bottling. Dessert wines are meant to be enjoyed at the end of a great meal and are blended to be slightly sweeter than the dessert itself.

We hope you enjoy this sweet after dinner wine with your favorite dessert whether it is pie, ice cream, cake cannoli, tiramisu, or another sweet creation.


ALC 10.8% By Volume


Generally grapes with French names don’t originate in Wisconsin.

Sabrevois, a very cold hearty red wine grape was developed by Midwest grape pioneer Elmer Swenson in northwest Wisconsin. The grape became popular with vintners in Quebec and was renamed Sabrevois.

We first planted Sabrevois at Edwin Brix Vineyard in 2011 and in 2013 harvested Sabrevois for the first time. After a week of maceration followed by malolactic fermentation, the wine was aged in stainless steel for eleven months prior to bottling.

This mild red wine can be enjoyed with a wide range of food over dinner, around the summer campfire, or near the fireplace when the weather turns cold.

Wild Stan's Strawberry Wine

ALC 12.1% By Volume

E-Flat Eddie

E-Flat Eddie is Edwin Brix’s label for our fun-loving fruit wines.

The E-Flat Eddie names comes from two very special fun loving family members, Eddie Sell and Eddie Bublitz. My father – a continuous jokester – played tuba in his college polka band. Chris’ father enjoyed story telling when he wasn’t dancing to polka music.

The fruit for our second vintage of Wild Stan’s Strawberry Wine is locally grown and comes to us from Kirschbaum Strawberry Acres. Wild Stan Kirshbaum is a good friend and a great strawberry grower.

Stan’s strawberries are picked early in the day and kept cool until crushed. The macerated juice ferments 8 to 10 days when the new wine is transferred to stainless steel for final aging prior to bottling. This highly aromatic wine is best served chilled.

Marquette Reserve

ALC 11.7% By Volume

Marquette Reserve

In 2010 we planted our first block of grapes with these Marquette. Marquette is a relative of Pinot Noir developed to survive the cold winters of Wisconsin. 

2015 was a special year for Marquette; from that great vintage we've aged the wine for more than two years in new French oak barrels. The wine was bottled - without filtering - into our first Marquette Reserve wine.


ALC 12.0% By Volume


LaCrosse is a light-skinned hybrid grape developed by Elmer Swenson and named after the Mississippi River city of the same name. This complex grape was developed using Seyval Blanc as a parent and Saint-Pepin as a sibling. 

In this first vintage of our LaCrosse wines you'll notice the flavors of pear and apricot as well as a pleasant Muscat-type aroma. 

Harvested in October 2017, the grapes were pressed and harvested in October 2017, the grapes were pressed and the wine fermented off the skins. Temperature was controlled throughout the fermentation process to assure a gentle transition from sugar to alcohol. 



ALC 11.3% By Volume


Brianna is our most popular white wine and recently won a silver medal at New York's 2017 International Wine Competition. 

This vintage was harvested in August 2017, cold fermented and then aged in stainless steel prior to final filtering and bottling. 

Brianna is a delightful semi-sweet wine with wonderful aromas of pineapple, mango and other tropical fruits.