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Edwin Brix Vineyard, Dodge County’s first registered Winery, is owned and operated by the Sell Family on their family farm. The vineyard and winery is located approximately halfway between Beaver Dam and Watertown in the town of Clyman, near Oak Grove, Wisconsin.

When great-grandfather, August Sell started tilling this land in 1893 it was no more than to make his way from the German homeland into the opportunities of the new world. His son and grandson, both named Edwin Sell, made this rolling Wisconsin farmland, located in the highest concentration of Drumlins in the world, the Sell family home.

The Sell family is now into our 5th generation of tilling and farming this unique and interesting terrior.

We hope you enjoy our wine and look forward to seeing you soon at Edwin Brix Vineyard.

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Edwin Brix Timeline

1893 – August Sell moves from Cascade, Wisconsin to settle in the town of Clyman, Dodge County, Wisconsin

1944 - German POW’s help work the land during WWII

1978 – Marty and Chris Sell relocate from Milwaukee to the Sell farm near Oak Grove, Wisconsin

2009 – First Marquette (UM Pinot Noir varietal) grapes are purchased from New York 

2011 – Sabrevois and Frontenac Grapes are added to Marquette, first limited production of Marquette; first limited production of Marquette wine name Academy Girl after Lois Sell

2012 – Winery registration with federal government (TTB); first Marquette harvested August 24, 2012 

2013 – Winery registration with State of Wisconsin; planting of Chardonel and Brianna (white varietals) 

2014 – First bottling of wines; first production of Strawberry Wine under E Flat Eddie label. Planting of White varietals Prairie Star & LaCrosse.

2015 - First sale of wine to general public; our 2nd vintage of Wild Stan’s Strawberry wine, Triunity Red Blend and Little Sister Desert Wine available late fall 2015. Frontenac Blanc planted and added to white grape varietals.

2016 -  First vintage of Brianna (white) wine

2018 - First vintage of LaCrosse (white) & Edwin Brix Rosé  produced. First vintage of Grandpa's Blackberry wine produced under E Flat Eddie Label

2019 - Tasting Room Opens; First vintage of Frontenac Blanc wine.

2020 - 3rd vintage of Wild Stan's Strawberry Wine 

2021 - First Vintages of Academy Girl - White Blend & Raspberry Rosé produced & released. 4th Version of Strawberry Wine released with new strawberry producer Mayberry Farms.



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